Dicas para manutenção de equipamentos de fitness

Dicas para manutenção de equipamentos de fitness


Mais e mais pessoas escolhem possuir um equipamento de ginástica e exercício em casa. Enquanto você se concentra na eficácia do treinamento do equipamento, também é fundamental para dar-lhe manutenção regular, de modo a ampliar sua vida útil. Também pode manter o equipamento seguro para uso e evitar a incautação de lesões durante o exercício. Aqui estão algumas dicas de manutenção do equipamento de ginástica para sua referência:

Maintenance of a treadmill

(1) Before using the treadmill, check whether there is a foreign matter between the running belt and the running deck to avoid accident during running. 

(2) It is advised to put a treadmill mat under the treadmill. Not only it can reduce noise from the treadmill during running, but also can protect the machine and floor by reducing friction between them.

(3) Keep the machine clean. Shortly after each use, clean the machine with a clean cloth. Remove the dust underneath the treadmill.

(4) regularly check the tightness of the running belt. Keep the belt in appropriate tightness is helpful for extended service life

(5) regularly apply dedicated lubricants to the treadmill to ensure the running belt.works properly.

Maintenance of Home Gym 

(1) Inspect the equipment monthly on its safety. Check whether there is any damage on the equipment or any loosened screw.

(2) Apply dedicated lubricants to the pulley and rotating parts every three months.

(3) Do not use organic solvents to clean the equipment, to avoid damage to the surface paint

(4) Regularly check if the rope and pulley are sound every three months, and make replacement timely.

Maintenance of Spin Bike

(1) Shortly after each use, wipe clean the bike to prevent the frame from getting rusty from sweat

(2) regularly inspect the bike, check whether the belt has cracks. If yes, replace it timely.

(3) check the screw tightenness every week. Timely tightening can help extending the service life

(4) regularly apply dedicated lubricants to the flywheel bearing, so it can run smoothly. It may also help reducing noise.

(5) Keep the bike in a cool and dry place when it is not in use.